Ricardo Cidale

Managing Partner

Accelerating the art and science of deal-making and creating business opportunities through meaningful conversations.

Founder & Client Journey Champion

Ricardo is a pragmatic and grounded person with a knack for coaching and mentoring others. He has a proven track record of successfully helping various tech and service companies thrive and expand. Ricardo excels in uniting companies, building strong teams, innovating processes, saving costs, and increasing profits. His expertise also extends to profit and loss management, showcasing his ability to maximize efficiency and productivity in leadership.

Excels in developing and implementing dynamic strategies in complex and competitive environments, focusing on creating lasting value and sustainable growth. His approach continuously evolves to seize frequent strategic opportunities that enhance the business's unique value proposition and strengthen its competitive advantages.

Ricardo's unique journey from immigrant to an influential figure in global markets, along with his ability to speak multiple languages and embrace diverse cultures, brings valuable perspectives spanning the Americas and Europe. He is a strategic thinker and connector, utilizing meaningful conversations to nurture enduring relationships with both individual consumers and corporate partners. Ricardo embodies empathetic and motivational leadership, collaborating closely with teams to set realistic goals and promote growth through empathy, service, and resilience.

Ricardo welcomes complex scenarios, always striving to deliver precise and cost-effective results. He is a skilled strategist who fosters internal collaboration and provides valuable insights for negotiations, whether they involve intricate contracts or international deals.

Ricardo is dedicated to continuous learning and giving back to the community, embodying a spirit of ongoing improvement in all his endeavors.

Mentor and coach @ MassChallenge, Boston
Mentor and coach @ Capital Factory, Austin

The Cidale family resides in the lovely city of Austin, Texas, and actively participates in pro-bono initiatives that support new businesses owned by women and other minorities. Ricardo is a talented author and photographer with published works, who finds joy in reading, data visualization (as a hobby), swimming, and snowboarding.



We've really nailed it when it comes to helping companies grow their sales through micro-pivoting and meaningful conversations. It's been a pleasure seeing their success.
Ricardo Cidale from Norfolk Consulting Group
Ricardo Cidale
Meaningful Conversations, Advocate