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We create high-conversion sales opportunities

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We are a boutique tactical services company that sells pre-defined service packages or consulting.

Norfolk Consulting Group’s success is built on the skills and expertise of our team of partners and associates.

Our teams bring a wide range of skills and experience, enabling us to provide top-tier services in strategy development, GTM planning, business planning and financial modeling

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How #1:

We are passionate experts in technology. When you work with us, you can be confident that we stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements.

How #2:

Technology, with AI leading the way, proves to be a game-changer. While tools are undeniably crucial, the savvy choices made by humans truly conquer problems. The ultimate triumph lies in the seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and human determination. 

How #3:

We have successfully solved the puzzle! As player-coaches, our objective is to have meaningful conversations with you, comprehend your world, and utilize our expertise to boost B2B sales, assist early-stage startups, and facilitate profitable real estate transactions.

Select an option below:
  • Business Consulting
  • Opportunity Generation
  • Real Estate Consulting

Business Consulting

Step into our consulting firm, where we work magic to foster agile growth and create value in the tech and services industry. With our expertise in Lean principles, we craft adaptable business models that we then put to the test in the field, working hand in hand with you to perfect them.

Opportunity Generation

We help companies scale from early-adopter to the center of the market, creating B2B opportunities. Our team crafts and executes a GMT and ABM plan, supporting clients until they can navigate the market independently.

Real Estate Consulting

Just as we aim at creating meaning conversations between our business clients and their prospects and customers, we start and end with people in our real estate practice. By paying radical attention to understanding the person behind the need for a real estate transaction, success is larger, faster, and a good experience.

We sell meaningful conversations.

We are experts in the art of forging genuine connections through cutting-edge methods. Our unique process effortlessly blends technology and the human touch to cultivate trust and facilitate transactions. It's no easy feat, but we've truly mastered it.

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Confortable being uncomfortable

Comfortable being uncomfortable.

At our consulting firm, we believe in questioning the norm and daring to be different. Our methodology goes beyond analysis to reimagine what is possible and explore every avenue for effective and transformative solutions. We push the boundaries of comfort, guiding our clients through uncharted territory to reveal concealed opportunities and insights. As pioneers at the edge of industry evolution, we offer visionary strategies to keep our clients ahead of the curve. No challenge is too big for us - whether it's a negotiation, a shift, or a growth strategy, we have the wisdom and audacity to help you succeed. Contact us to elevate your business to the extraordinary.

Being Teachable is Our Core Strength

We embrace the mindset of lifelong learners, which shapes our approach to projects and client interactions. Our continuous commitment to learning enables us to develop innovative strategies and gain valuable insights for the growth and success of our clients. We foster an inquisitive and open mindset, relying on solid evidence and data to provide recommendations. Our unwavering dedication to learning drives our passion for achieving tangible results and offering forward-thinking solutions that propel our clients forward.

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