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Explore the variety of outsourcing packages Norfolk offers, each designed to enhance your pipeline and drive sales. Pricing is based on the resources we use to create opportunities for your team. The sooner we boost your pipeline, the quicker your sales team can close deals. Head to the Sales Opportunity page to view informative videos or check out the FAQ section for specific answers.

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Discovery session
The primary objective is for Norfolk to gain a comprehensive understanding from you regarding the identification of your target market or markets. These in-depth conversations about ideal customer profiles and personas will provide invaluable guidance throughout the setup phase and future adjustments in targeting. They will also help in determining the specific individuals and tools required to effectively engage with your potential customers.omers.
ICP data mining
Our dedicated team of analysts will painstakingly gather and organize your essential lead database by utilizing our proprietary methods and leveraging the insights obtained during the discovery phase.
Assemble the A-team
Your Norfolk team will be carefully selected based on the findings from the discovery session and initial data mining process. Below, you will find detailed descriptions for each position within your Norfolk team.
Custom content
We will create go-to-market materials and content to start prospecting as soon as possible. These materials will include internal procedural documentation such as a knowledge base and scripts (which will be used only as a reference, as our focus is on conversations). We will also create and test emails and LinkedIn sequences. Additionally, we may consider using other outreach tools, such as SMS and WhatsApp.
Knowledge transfer
During the setup phase, there will be training sessions and meetings. One of the most important aspects is when you, the client, will provide training to the opportunity generation team on your products and services.
We will set up our Norfolk CRM and insurance outreach systems to best support the opportunity generation team and report generation. Sometimes, we may use the client’s CRM if it is the most efficient way to create deal opportunities, which is our ultimate goal.
GTM micro pivoting
Go-to-Market (GTM) micro pivoting involves making small, strategic adjustments to marketing and sales approaches based on real-time feedback and data. For SaaS services, this means continuous improvement, minimal waste, and rapid iteration. This approach involves refining prospecting strategies through the revision of conversations and interactions. Integrating customer feedback and lean management helps us to allocate resources efficiently. Ultimately, GTM micro pivoting leads to more targeted outbound marketing efforts and a more robust sales pipeline.
Activity schedule
Definition and approval of marketing activities to be executed that month.
Inbound enrichment
Enrichment and inclusion of inbound data coming from inbound marketing (not performed by us).
Re-up named accounts
Re-engaging named accounts is when Norfolk reaches out to existing client accounts to generate new sales, upsell opportunities, and renew contracts. This strategy relies on our existing relationships and trust to re-establish contact, introduce new offerings, and identify emerging needs. We aim to rekindle these connections, using the positive rapport and trust that characterize Norfolk's approach. By doing so, we aim to generate immediate sales and increase long-term client satisfaction and loyalty. We nurture these relationships through personalized and attentive service, ensuring continued engagement and future growth.
Database optimization
Continuously review and update the main prospect database by integrating insights from the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and other relevant information. As we understand what drives conversions and successes, our search criteria will influence small adjustments to the ICP itself, resulting in the generation of more valuable and better-targeted prospects.
Super meetings™
Our Super Meetings™ can be in person or virtual via Zoom/Teams. They start with great conversations with our opportunity developers. We carefully pick these using high-tech and human judgment. We also personally check with prospects to make sure they are ready. This leads to good talks about our client's solution. Our opportunity generator will confirm the meeting the day before, maybe by calling, and will also join and help at the meeting.
Insight cycle™
Insight cycle™ is a process in which our opportunity development team gathers feedback from the client's sales force regarding meetings with qualified prospects. This feedback is then reported and discussed internally, enabling us to make micro-adjustments to improve our strategies and outcomes.
Increase sales pipeline
Effective prospecting is like laying the groundwork for a successful sales pipeline. By nurturing trust and fostering robust connections with potential customers, you set the stage for more meaningful conversations, detailed proposals, and requests for proposals (RFPs). Each step forward brings qualified opportunities to the sales pipeline and heightens the potential for successful conversions.
Conversation analytics
Conversation analytics enhances customer experience by enabling personalization and quick issue resolution, boosts operational efficiency through agent performance insights and automation opportunities, and improves product quality via feedback analysis. It increases sales and marketing effectiveness through targeted campaigns and upselling, ensures compliance and risk management, and facilitates data-driven decision-making. Additionally, it aids customer retention by identifying at-risk customers and enhancing satisfaction, ultimately providing a competitive advantage through continuous improvement and market insights.
KPIs and dashboards
Detailed and strictly relevant reports will review activity and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to detect traction and ensure we are tracking progress efficiently. Our main objective is the size and quality of the pipeline, which is our primary Objective and Key Result (OKR). Norfolk will monitor the entire sales process, from prospecting to proposal and closing stages. We will differentiate between accounts generated through our data mining efforts, inbound leads, and named accounts. Additionally, we will track upselling, contract renewals, and customer referrals when applicable.
Performance review
A performance review is when we gather all insights and data collected since the beginning of our engagement and compare it against our initial expectations. This comprehensive review is then discussed with management to assess progress and identify areas for improvement.
Opportunity Generation Team
Project manager
The attributions of a project manager include leading the team, client relationship management, audits of business opportunities, distribution of business leads, monthly market prospecting updates, monthly sales pipeline progress reports, monthly market analysis reports, and strategic group reviews.
Qualification analyst
Inputs prospect contact details using automation tools. Verifies and updates contact and role information via phone calls. Logs details to the database system.
Intelligence analyst
Collects feedback from the sales team, executes follow-up conversations with the sales team and channel, builds and maintains the proposal pipeline, and periodically reviews it with the sales team.
Opportunity developer
The opportunity developer is responsible for contacting prospects, conducting pre-qualification interviews, documenting interactions in the CRM, validating opportunities, and coordinating meetings, as well as facilitating the transition to the account manager.
Our sales consultants have extensive experience building and managing large sales organizations. They will work closely with your team to define the database and Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), understand your target market, analyze the sales process, fine-tune analysis tools, and support account and product managers.
2 hr / month
2 hr / month
4 hr / month
Slack channel
Exclusive Slack channel that includes essential participants from both teams, enabling efficient and effective communication and collaboration.
Traction workshop
Norfolk Consulting conducts workshops on prospecting and sales traction for its major clients. These sessions involve Norfolk Consulting's team working with the client's key stakeholders to review and analyze prospecting efforts and sales performance. The aim of the workshops is to identify opportunities for improvement, share best practices, and develop strategies to enhance sales traction and overall business growth.
1 / year
2 / year
Using Super Conversations enabled me to close and renew contracts with companies of all sizes and worldwide.
Ricardo Cidale
Ricardo Cidale
Showing respect for your customers is fundamental. Being there in person is one, but the most effective way is listening to them.
Ricardo Cidale
Ricardo Cidale
Managing Partner
It is important to maximize the value you extract from your customers while creating value for them. That is not done at the office; rather in listening during conversations with them.
Ricardo Cidale
Ricardo Cidale
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