You Sell More!

10X Your Current Pipeline

You will sell more if you don’t have to prospect and start conversations. Data mining for leads and pushing them through the funnel differs significantly from selling. Doing both is hard. Let’s divide and conquer.

Do you need help with a stubborn and slow pipeline, lackluster prospecting efforts, or the daunting task of creating sales traction? Such hurdles are widespread, yet they are manageable. NCG excels in doing just that.

You Need to Hire Us
Hiring Us is a Good Move  (1:50)

Learn more about how we think. You do You. We do Us. Divide and Conquer.

How is Your Sales Momentum
Sales Going Ok? (4:15)

Know who ICPs are. Good prospecting will feed a healthy pipeline. Sales momentum builds.

Love the Problem Not Solution
Care About Solving Problems (2:10)

If we build a hammer, every problem is a nail. We need to keep ourselves in check.

We are Players
We Play on Your Team (2:00)

Let’s ditch the term consulting when discussing Opportunity Generation. 

Wanna Know What We Do?
Bias for Hands-On Action (5:10)

Rather than merely analyzing situations and giving advice, we step into the trenches with you.

We Sell Meaningful Conversations
We Sell Conversations (2:00)

A deal is on by the time you join the conversation. Respect problem; sell solution.

De-risking your business
Risks and Traps in Sales (3:25)

Recognize potential risks and traps. We will assist you in overcoming these challenges.

Manage Relationships with Prospects
Prospect Relationship (3:30)

Show respect toward your prospects and your team via management best practices.

Data Enrichment
Data Enrichment (1:15)

Data enrichment is akin to a gardener’s beloved garden. It’s something we constantly nurture.

Should You Hire Norfolk?
Who should hire Norfolk? (3:15)

Gain from opportunity generation and see if Norfolk aligns with your organization’s needs.

40 Video Thumbnails CF-1
What is My Team Like (4:30)

The OppGen production team will be able to help you.  Description of reports as a bonus.

Results and case study
Expected Performance (2:25)

List of traction indicators and sample case study of a client that 10x pipeline and deal flow.

40 Video Thumbnails CF
Conclusion & Gratitude (1:00)

We are delighted you took the time to see what we had to show and tell. Many thanks!

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