One Step Closer to Your Dream Job.

We're looking for awesome people to join our team.
Vacation and PTO

Take a well-deserved two-week vacation after 12 months, with the added perk of generous, manager-approved PTO.

Flexible Hours

Freedom to create your own schedule with agreement from your team.

Every member of Norfolk's ensemble will approach their work by focusing on small adjustments to projects, achieving tangible results.

Health, vision, flex-spending account, GymPass.

Hybrid Location

Our hybrid location policy allows for seamless transitions between office, client sites, and your home workspace.

Distinct Roles.
Shared Success.

Embrace diversity and agility. Join our team and experience unprecedented personal and professional growth. Make an extraordinary impact by embracing the unknown.


We are not a team; we are an ensemble.

At Norfolk Consulting Group, we are more than just a team; we are an ensemble where each member's uniqueness is not only recognized, but celebrated as essential. Like a harmonious orchestra, every individual plays a crucial role, contributing their distinct talents and perspectives to resolve the complex challenges our clients face. Our culture is deeply rooted in the value we place on individuals who bring a diverse range of experiences and insights, along with the agility to adapt to ever-changing business landscapes. We hold experimentation in high regard, understanding that true progress—for both our clients and ourselves—is achieved by learning from every experiment, every small adjustment, and every bold leap forward.

This commitment to continual improvement extends to our internal dynamics, fostering an environment that encourages every member of our ensemble to embark on a personal and professional growth journey. Joining Norfolk Consulting Group means becoming an integral part of a vibrant ensemble where your unique contributions are invaluable, your ability to tackle complex issues is highly cherished, and your willingness to embrace the unknown opens the door to extraordinary development and meaningful impact.