peltophorum dubium

We have secured a sizeable virtual inventory of this increasingly rare wood that can only be legally sourced from Brazil from reclaimed wood.

Enduring charm.

Peltophorum dubium, or Canafístula, is a highly sought-after reclaimed wood from Brazil, celebrated for its unique qualities.

With its moderate weight, exceptional hardness, and impressive durability, this wood is a top pick for various sustainable building and carpentry projects.

Its enduring charm and eco-friendly benefits make it a standout choice for those seeking long-lasting materials in their designs.

Canafistula board

Exceptional character.

Canafistula wood stands out for its exceptional strength and durability, making it a top choice for various structural applications in green construction.

This sturdy wood offers unmatched stability and lasting quality, whether framing, beams, rafters, or flooring. Its resilience also makes it ideal for crafting high-quality furniture and woodturning, meeting the demand for long-lasting materials.

Ultimately, Canafistula shines as a versatile and sustainable reclaimed wood that embodies the values of durability, functionality, and environmental responsibility.

Additional information.

Janka Hardness:

901 lbf (4.010 N)

Crushing Strength:

7,4250 lbf/in2 (51.5 MPa)