Peroba Rosa

aspidosperma polyneuron

We have secured a large virtual inventory of this increasingly rare wood, that can only be legally sourced from Brazil from reclaimed wood.

Green gold from deconstruction.

Sustainably sourced through careful deconstruction of old buildings to preserve its limited availability. Featuring a vibrant heartwood that transitions from yellow to pinkish red, with hints of purple or brown, deepening in richness over time. The grain is primarily straight, with occasional unique patterns, a delicate texture, and a subtle sheen. Easy to work with but may require sharp tools; it bonds well and finishes beautifully, requiring care to avoid any potential damage. Emits a blend of rustic charm and refined elegance.

peroba rosa

Increasing Value.

The growing demand in the market for eco-friendly certification has sparked interest in unique and authentic flooring and paneling crafted from this exquisite material. Its timeless charm, enhanced by natural elements, radiates a blend of rustic elegance that effortlessly complements modern designs. The enduring quality of this material is exemplified in structures that have withstood the test of time for 80 to 120 years. Despite its exceptional qualities, its conservation status is concerning, as it is currently classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List due to a significant population decline caused by overharvesting and habitat loss.

Additional information.

Average Dried Weight:

48.3 lbs/ft3 (775 kg/m3)

Janka Hardness:

1,730 lbf (7,700 N)

Crushing Strength:

8,050 lbf/in2 (55.5 MPa)

Photos of Peroba Rosa

Here are a few photos of recent orders of Peroba Rosa. Ask us for more photos and details.