Earth is what we have in common.

Across the Ocean and Norfolk Group are dedicated to reducing carbon footprint.

Across the Ocean provides high-quality exotic reclaimed wood to handpicked distributors globally, ensuring adherence to strict standards and environmental protection while enhancing profitability for distributors and adding value for end-users.

Unique products
Our reclaimed wood products are visually appealing, versatile, incredibly rare, and difficult to find. This uniqueness sets them apart from the competition, adding to their exclusivity and overall charm, making them a genuinely enchanting addition to any space.
Ready to market
Meeting the needs of our customers is crucial for our success. We are committed to delivering high volume, exceptional quality, and fast turnaround times, always striving to exceed expectations and remain the top choice for our clients.
Officially certified
Every reclaimed wood piece is carefully prepared by our talented team, and certified by both the country of origin and US authorities. You can trust that it meets stringent standards of sustainability, authenticity, and legality.
ATO is dedicated to maintaining transparent communication with our clients throughout the entire process, starting from initial discussions to the final delivery. With a worldwide reach, we confront environmental and financial obstacles directly, always aiming for openness and responsibility.
Across The Ocean Transparent

ATO is your trustworthy destination for exquisite and rare reclaimed wood.

Yes! to the Environment

Exotic reclaimed wood boasts one of the most environmentally friendly profiles compared to other wood products and construction materials.

Higher Margins

Responsible sourcing of unique reclaimed wood adds value and benefits everyone in the supply chain, from our suppliers in distant regions to our partners and designers in the US.

High Differentiation

After making sure that their choices are environmentally friendly, designers and consumers are now seeking one-of-a-kind and captivating options.

High Predictability

ATO has a vast collection of reclaimed wood species readily available for its distributors in the US and other countries. Our quality and delivery timelines are consistently reliable.

Strictly Compliant

Strictly follow guidelines by the Brazilian Institute of Environmental and Natural Resources (IBAMA) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA). 


We meticulously study and pinpoint structures aged between 50 and 100 years to procure reclaimed wood that exceeds typical quality standards.

Presence in Brazil

Our unique process involves a skilled team of local workers and specialist experts carefully dismantling each structure, ensuring the reclaimed wood’s integrity is preserved.

Full Logistics

We care for everything, from wood processing to loading containers, fumigating, acquiring the required certificates, and managing logistics to guarantee top-notch service quality.

Since 2011

Since 2011, ATO has been at the forefront of reclaiming wood, sourcing exotic materials from sustainable origins in Brazil’s southeastern and southern regions, with a base in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Peroba Rosa


Brazilian Ipe

Committed to Excellence.

At Across the Ocean, we are committed to giving our all, striving for excellence in everything we do. Our focus is on ethical and certified sourcing practices that preserve our forests, and help reduce the carbon footprint of our partners and their customers.

Our success is rooted in market knowledge and the strength of our dedicated team. By working closely with our distributors in the US and other markets, we are implementing efficient practices and reshaping our business philosophy.

This results in improved profits for our distributors, adds value for their customers and ultimately contributes to a more sustainable future for all.

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